Aggrieved lawmakers halt protest as Senate reviews panels


The crisis that rocked the Senate over the composition of the committees appeared to have been resolved as the aggrieved lawmakers have halted their protest.

Investigations by our correspondent revealed that the federal lawmakers backed down on their agitations following peace moves initiated by the body of principal officers in the upper chamber.

It was learnt  that those who felt aggrieved by the outcome of the committee sharing arrangements  were said to have been assured that the selection committee would soon  review the panels’ composition.

One of  aggrieved senators  told our correspondent on condition of anonymity that he had handed over everything to God.

He said, “I know that I satisfied my conscience by working vigorously for the emergence of Senator Ahmad Lawan as Senate President and I am surprised that I could be treated that way.

“What pained me most was the fact that the position, which was initially given to me was changed at the last minute . However,  our leaders have intervened.

“We have accepted it as God’s will.  They have promised that the committees would be reviewed before we resume from recess.”

The senator said the leadership of the red chamber specifically assured him that the list was not the final one and that a review was imminent because of the obvious lopsidedness in the committee chairmanship composition.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Adedayo Adeyeye,  confirmed to our correspondent on Thursday that the Senate was now calm and there was no longer,  any cause for alarm.

He said, “The Senate is now calm. What was reported as protests by some senators could be described as a storm in a tea cup . We are a united family and there is no problem at all.

“We are all united behind the Senate President. There is no way he (Lawan) would carry out such exercise and everybody would be satisfied. It is not possible.

“It is understandable that some people were  not too pleased with what they got but we are all united now.

“By and large,  the Senate President has been fair to all concerned including opposition members. He has succeeded in carrying everybody along.”

Asked if those that protested would get juicy panels after the review,  Adeyeye said,  “I don’t know anything about juicy and non – juicy committees.”

He said,  What I know is that there are 69 standing committees of the Senate that have been constituted.   In any case, juicy or non-juicy, I believe that it is a call to duty for Senators to serve their fatherland and to serve the nation merritorously .

“So, in whatever capacity anybody has been placed,  he has been called upon to merely render service.

“If you believe that the committee that you have been placed will not give you enough responsibility to exert a lot of your energy as chairman,  you also  belong to other committees where you can still make your contributions.


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