Opposition parties, others back UN on Boko Haram insurgency

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Opposition political parties and some civil society organisations have backed the United Nation’s position that Boko Haram insurgency is not over in Nigeria.

Those who supported the global body’s position are the Social Democratic Party, the Coalition of United Political Parties, Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution and Global Resolve for Peace.

The national spokesman for CUPP, Imo Ugochinyere, said insurgency in Nigeria was becoming more sophisticated.

Ugochinyere said, “Insurgency is getting more sophisticated, so the times ahead for Nigeria are getting uncertain. We may see a situation where these guys will regroup and overrun the nation.

“Most of the local government areas the Federal Government claimed to have been recovered are gone. The government knows; we do not need the UN to tell us what is happening.

“Take the latest report of the  army that insurgents are using drones and that will show you that even the people who are coordinating this war have come to accept that they have been unable to curtail the insurgents.”

Also, the SDP’s spokesman, Alfa Mohammed, said the situation was escalating daily.

He said, “It is a situation of 10 years insurgency that is escalating day by day with insurgents getting daring and acquiring sophisticated weapons.

“Unless urgent attention is taken, we might be heading for doom.

“The government should, as a matter of urgency, adhere to the advice of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to summon stakeholders’ meeting to articulate various positions that will address this serious situation we are in.

“Gen. Abubakar Abdulsalami recently took a step that the Federal Government should have taken long time ago. But it is sad that it did not achieve the required result because some of the main stakeholders did not attend that summit as expected.”

The Convener, Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution, Ariyo-Dare Atoye, described claims by the Federal Government that Boko Haram had been defeated as a disservice to the armed forces, slain soldiers and their families.

Atoye also noted that the government could not justify the huge budget being expended on the prosecution of the counter-insurgency operations in the North-East.

The activist said, “We cannot understand how it has become convenient for the government to defend spending huge amount of money on prosecuting the war against Hoko Haram and still tell us the terrorists group has been defeated.

“In several instances, we have recorded the death of more soldiers than Boko Haram members. And the extent at which our soldiers are dying calls for a serious investigation.”

The Executive Director, Global Global Resolve for Peace, Shalom Olaseni, noted that Boko Haram had modified its strategy, adding that the military must do same.

He called for replacement of the service chiefs and a new counter-terrorism operational plan to weed out the remaining members of the dreadful sect.

Olaseni said, “Boko Haram has been defeated territorially, no doubt, but they have modified their tactics to bombing government facilities and attacking the military assets. Nigerian military has to also modify their strategies to completely wipe off this terrorist group.”

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